Band Options


Band Size

The Groove Merchants has several popular costuming options that can be used based on the theme and style of your event.  The band often incorporates several costume changes through the show.  Here are some of the most popular coordinated looks:


Groove Merchants' Flashy Look:

Sparkling jackets and dresses, this look is fun, coordinated and energetic

The Groove Merchants book out primarily in 2 different configurations.  A 10 piece and a 12 piece.  Here are the differences:

12 Piece Band :

This size is perfect for large conventions that are looking to maximize the show.  With 5 world class singers and dancers, the vocal power is off the charts.  There is no other party band like it.   This size band consists of 5 front singers, 4 piece rhythm section and 3 horns.

Convention Band
groove merchants party band

10 Piece Band:

This configurations is the same as the 12 piece but with 3 front singers, rather than 5.  This is a more popular options for weddings and corporate events and conventions with a slightly smaller budget.

Grand Junction Party Band
corporate entertainment show

Groove Merchants Semi Formal - Classy

This look is all about class.  Fitted matching jackets, vests and shirts.  Dark colors of mostly greys and black with slight white accents.

Groove Merchants Semi Formal - Bright

This look is sort of a combination of the flashy and semi formal.  Think of a colorful semi formal (white pants, pastel colored shirt, colorful dresses, white suit, etc.

Jefferson Tuke

Groove Merchants Formal:

For black tie extra formal events, the Groove Merchants wear matching tuxedos and coctail dresses

Groove Merchants Casual:

This look is great for outdoor concerts or events where you want the band to look good but want to get away from any kind of formal look.  The band dresses trendy and will still look good.

Custom Options

Let us know if you have a custom look you are going for.  The band is happy to accommodate.