The Groove Merchants combines some pretty impressive talent on stage.  Take a quick read of the experience of the band members.  The Groove Merchants experience set them apart from other bands.  Find out why you should hire the band here


Actress, singer and entertainer Britani Bateman has been in the entertainment industry for many years.  You will recognize her playing the lead or supporting role in such films as the R.M, Forever Strong, Believe, the Eleventh Hour and more.  She can also be found acting and singing in commercials and theater productions all over the country.  Her fantastic vocals and dance moves add just the right amount of femininity to the Groove Merchants.



From being a contestant on American Idol to performing sold out productions as a singer and dancer, Jefferson's life has been performing for audiences all over the country.  Jefferson was signed with Sony records for several years singing with a band that toured with Brittany Spears and has rubbed shoulders with almost everyone in the industry.  Although versatile with all styles, Jefferson specializes in r&b vocal styles and is an in-demand singer for recording sessions in that style especially.



As one of the first call vocalists in the country, Randy's rich vocals and wide range are sought after for performances all over the world.  He is frequently seen singing backup for celebrity artists such as Kenny Loggins and his voice can be heard on many recognizable jingles, commercials and albums.  When it comes to singing full voice, rock vocals (Journey, Led Zepelin, etc), one would be hard pressed to find anyone anywhere that can match Randy's vocal power.



In addition to Jen's career as a professional singer, Jen produces large scale corporate shows that include dancing, music, and other forms of entertainment.  Her impressive career in music and entertainment is evident in her stage presence and her ability to get the crowed dancing and having a good time.


In addition to playing bass guitar for the Groove Merchants, Mike is a professional saxophone player and drummer.  He teaches music classes at two universities, has authored the textbook called "Fundamentals of Jazz Improvisation"  and owns the company, a producer of bands, entertainment and large shows.  As a side note, Mike can flip the bass around his body, play behind his back, play while crowd surfing (see image to the right), play while dancing and play while engaged in a discussion on the Laffer curve and it's affect on federal tax revenue.


Steve graduated as a jazz studies music major from BYU.  He freelances as a saxophone player in a number of styles.  In addition he plays saxophone, guitar and sings in a number of rock, pop, and funk bands.   Steve plays saxophone, rhythm guitar and raps in the Groove Merchants.



In addition to Jordan's extensive performing career, he is an in-demand teacher and composer.  Jordan recently won a prestigious award for an off-Broadway musical he wrote.

Mike's impressive guitar playing and spot on vocals makes him one of the busiest players around.  When Mike isn't on tour with some rock or country band, he is playing with the Groove Merchants and tearing down the house.  In addition to performing, Mike has a successful private guitar lesson studio.



Jay puts the "Groove" in Groove Merchant.  As a consummate performer in all music styles, Jay cut his teeth playing in bands in California and currently tours with Mindy Gledhill along with several other bands that teenage girls are into.   Jay is the driving force in the band and puts the "groove" in Groove Merchants.


Jordan, Rickae, Danny, Chris

The Groove Merchants are backed by some of the best entertainers in the country.  They all help to create a world class product.  Jordan, Rickae and Chris join the band on some shows.